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At Fidelity Bank, we understand that the agricultural business is a large part of Wisconsin's†economy and†the country's well being. We have several options available to take care of†the agricultural community's needs.†

Real Estate Loans

  • Long term needs
  • Secured with farm land, buildings and facilities
  • Payments are structured to fit your operational needs and cash flow

Personal Property Loans

  • Flexible terms
  • Secured with cattle and machinery
  • Guarantee programs available
  • Payments are structured to fit your operational needs and cash flow

Operating Loans

  • Short term needs
  • Used for farm operating expenses
  • Can be set up on a Line of Credit
  • Payments are†structured to fit your operational needs and cash flow

Documentation Needed to Process a Loan Application


  • Last 3 years complete income tax returns, including Federal 1040 and State
  • Three year Financial†Statement history
  • Background information on owners and farm operation
  • Business plan
  • Current year-to-date cash flow statement


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