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Travel Rewards Visa Platinum Card

This special VISA card gives you one free travel point for every dollar charged – up to 10,000 points a month. Exchange points for free tickets on any airline, with no blackout dates or seating restrictions.  An annual membership fee applies.

VISA Platinum Cards

You’ll receive a great low variable rate with your Elan Platinum card even after the first six months.  There’s no annual membership fee with at least one purchase per year. 

Young Adult VISA Cards

Your Elan card may be used to purchase items like books or clothes, or can be used for travel expenses.  It's actually safer than cash!  There's no annual membership fee as long as you make at least one purchase per year.  Having a credit card enables you to practice good money management, and responsible use of your card will help you establish a solid credit rating for the eventual purchase of a car or home.

Cash Rewards VISA Platinum Card

Get up to 1% of your purchases back each year on everyday expenses like groceries, car repairs, gasoline or movie tickets. There are no points to track or redemption levels to reach. Your cash rewards simply grow each and every time you make a purchase. And, you won’t need to request a check; we’ll send it automatically! No hassles – just rewards. What could be easier?

All of the above cards come with some great benefits: *

Cash fast, purchasing power, car rental discounts, verified by VISA and 24 hour cardmember services.

There will be no interest charge on purchases if the entire balance is paid by the due date each month.

If you are interested in applying for one of these great credit cards:

Contact Fidelity Bank's credit card representative to request an application. 

* Certain conditions and exclusions apply.

Disclosures will be provided when you become a cardmember.

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