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fidelity Savings

$100 minimum opening deposit.  No service charges with $100 minimum daily balance. Interest compounds semi-annually.

fidelity Minor Savings

No minimum balance or service fees. Interest compounds semi-annually. Ages 0-18 are eligible.

fidelity Golden Investment Club Savings

Membership offered starting at age 50. Various free or discounted services included wth this account.

FIDELITY Premium Money Market Savings

Tiered, interest bearing account. Interest compounds quarterly.  No service charge.  $500 minimum opening deposit.  Check with a Personal Banker to obtain further information.      

Fidelity Christmas Club

No minimum opening deposit.  No service charge.  Flexible deposit options. Interest paid at maturity. Penalty assessed for early withdrawal. Balance paid out on November 1st each year.  Make 49 weekly payments, we make the 50th payment.


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Fidelity Bank
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